(5/7) **TRIGGER WARNING:* This post contains a disclosure about sexual violence** I don’t even really know how to drop this song and I’m actually really scared to; this is one of the most vulnerable pieces I’ve ever written, right up there with my Vagina Monologue. Being a cast member and then later directing the Vagina Monologues @ Cal was such a healing and empowering experience. When I was violated a few months ago, thinking back to the sisterhood built during the production was the only thing that I could turn to for comfort, knowing that I was not alone. I hope that this might bring someone healing; I wrote the song that I wanted to hear in my moments of pain and confusion and now it’s probably the only way I’ll ever be able to speak about my experience.


from Beautiful & Disgusting, The EP, released January 7, 2017
Produced by Dreamlife Beats.
Recorded & mixed at Knock Knock Studios. San Francisco, CA.



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