Stay In​(​trovert)

from by Kaila Love



(3/7) Have you ever had a day where you can’t look at the world? Where even picking up your phone to respond to a text feels like an insurmountable task? Where the smallest incident could trigger you so you’d rather isolate yourself from people to avoid that whole mess? I was feeling like that a lot last year and missed birthdays, gatherings, and even a wedding. I felt so overwhelmed at times, I shut off my phone and disappeared for days. I never told anybody how I felt. This song is the first time I’ve opened up about the #depression and anxiety that’s been weighing on me, but as I’ve seen some of my friends posts recently...I realize I’m not alone in this. And neither are you.

In 2017, there will inevitably be times when I will still find it hard to face the world, but I will try to push past the #natural urge to isolate myself and reach out to those around me. Just as importantly, I will make a greater effort in creating opportunities for others to feel more comfortable reaching out to me.


from Beautiful & Disgusting, The EP, released January 7, 2017
Produced by Dreamlife Beats.
Recorded & mixed at Knock Knock Studios. San Francisco, CA.



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